Door Security Devices in Dallas TX

Safety First: Door Security Devices in Dallas TX for Schools, Churches, and Businesses

ANCHORThe unpredictability of an active crisis can be nerve-wracking. That’s why ensuring the safety of our loved ones in schools, churches, and businesses is of the utmost importance. The escalating number of active shooter incidents requires instant and potent security solutions.

We are pleased to introduce Anchor – progressive door security devices in Dallas TX, or Active Crisis Device. This device, meticulously developed by experienced S.W.A.T. Officers, seeks to protect your dear ones in any active shooter scenario. An investment of merely $130 can be a game-changer during an active crisis.

Active Shooter Scenarios are Sadly Frequent: Stay Shielded

Active shooter incidents can occur in any location – schools, churches, businesses, causing terrible destruction. Our children, congregations, and employees have the right to a secure setting where they can feel safe. Anchor provides an essential solution to safeguard lives during active crises, ensuring everyone can find shelter during their most vulnerable moments.

Door Security Devices in Dallas TX: A Lifesaver

Anchor is based on a simple yet lifesaving concept, devised to provide immediate protection during critical times. They can be activated quickly and easily, ensuring valuable time is saved during high-stress situations. Anchor’s user-friendly design guarantees anyone can deploy it effectively during emergencies.

Unbreakable and Damage-Resistant Anchor

Your safety is our prime concern. Anchor’s sturdy, damage-resistant design ensures that once it’s in action, the door becomes unbeatable, maintaining your safety and that of your loved ones. When the danger has passed, Anchor enables a safe and effortless exit. You don’t need to deal with complicated mechanisms – just disengage Anchor and regain control with simplicity.

Anchor’s Dependable Construction

Anchor is one solid piece of military-grade aluminum block, machined to house the device. It’s surface-mounted to the door using four 3/16 in. x 1/2 in. stainless steel or titanium screws, preserving the integrity of the fire door. The 1/2 in. thick plate, weighing 14.9 oz, is fire-resistant up to over 4,100 K, exceeding the door it’s affixed to. The plate is attached at the door’s bottom, typically cooler during a fire.

Choosing Anchor for Door Security Devices in Dallas TX

Anchor is a versatile solution apt for schools, churches, and businesses. It’s our mission to protect lives in all these settings. This device, created by veteran S.W.A.T. Officers with hands-on experience, has been tried and tested for effectiveness, assuring you that it works when needed most. With Anchor as your Active Crisis Device, you can have peace of mind, knowing you’re ready to handle any emergency.

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