HA WarrantOur History

In 2003, Anchorman Inc.’s co-founders, Tom Giandomenico and Jeff Coates, encountered an unbreachable door during a safe house raid while serving as SWAT tactical officers. They noticed a device installed on the door to prevent entry, which inspired the creation of the ANCHOR. The patented “SAFE ZONE creation device” is now considered the best door barricading device in its class by leading security professionals.

Our Product

The ANCHOR, a patented door barricading device, quickly establishes a “SAFE ZONE” during crisis situations. It meets and exceeds all DHS/FBI Joint Intelligence Bulletin recommendations and has been installed in thousands of locations across the United States.

Our Concept

Staying safe in a crisis like a lockdown, lockout, active shooter situation, or domestic violence incident is essential, and the ANCHOR can help by instantly creating a SAFE ZONE.

The concept of the ANCHOR is simple:

  1. Quickly and easily activated, no matter how stressful the situation, with only simple gross motor skills required
  2. Impenetrable and destruction-proof device keeps the door closed so you remain safe and undetected
  3. Once the threat subsides, you can easily release the ANCHOR to allow you to exit through the door as normal

Interested in what’s been dubbed “the finest tool of its kind” by top security personnel? Keep your school, workplace, or place of worship safe from violent intruders by purchasing the ANCHOR, a patented door barricading device designed by veteran SWAT Officers!

What Makes the ANCHOR The Safest and Most Effective Door Barricading Device?

  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Doesn’t require electricity
  • Durable & destruction proof
  • Special key access for First Responders
  • Made in America
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