This product is absolutely S.O.L.I.D. Simple Operating Lock & Install Device. I am extremely impressed by the design, quality and ease of installation of “The Anchorman.” When you feel the craftsmanship of the lock, you immediately realize it is very sturdy and resilient. Their customer service is efficient, fast and friendly. I am a very satisfied customer and confident to have installed several of these locks in my home, businesses and properties. Fast and simple to set up and use. I am extremely proud to purchase and support an “American Made” product from an American Company!!!

Lawrence Cheng

The Anchorman door security enhancement device is the only one on the market I will endorse for use to my clients. As a school safety professional and a trained tactical law enforcement operator, I understand the need for added security to a door while at the same time allowing emergency responders the ability to open the door from the outside in order to make entry. This is the best device on the market, and I used them in my own schools to create safe rooms. Excellent construction and I never had a problem with their functioning. I highly recommend this device for those interested in enhancing door security.
Jeffrey Kaye

Anchorman is an amazing company with the best product on the market. The design and production of the barricade door lock system by Anchorman is easy to use, easy to install, durable, and is by far the best on the market. After lots of research into similar devices to protect our children we decided to use the Anchorman system. The customer service from Jeff and the team at Anchorman has been top notch. I highly recommend Anchorman’s product and its company.
Beck Law Office

Being in high school school safety is a huge aspect of this day an age. My school unfortunately does not have one of the Anchorman’s protecting me instead they use a different brand that is no where near the standards of Anchorman. I strongly recommend to buy this product!
christian moussa

The Anchor is The One and Only device my companies and I will recommend.

I own 3 companies –
all deal with Disaster Preparedness and ealth and Safety.

I was also an EMT for over 20 years, and have been in law enforcement in a couple of different capacities.

Once you perform your due diligence and check out what else is offered, you will realize that The Anchor is the Only Clear Choice!


After being in the Route 91 shooting, my need of feeling safe is obviously so important. I know there are competitors, but there’s nothing like Anchorman. All doors are safe and secure when these are in place. I wish ALL venues, malls, schools and hospitals had Anchorman installed. Life is better when we’re all safe.
moira anderson

Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of this? This device truly saves lives. It gives those in harms way, the protection and peace of mind needed in this crazy world.

I own several Anchorman devices. They are quality workmanship and I highly recommend it.

Sean Duncan

The emergency door barricade is one of the best things you can do for your business or school. As a Director of a large preschool in Southern California we looked for a simple way to barricade our classroom doors in case of an emergency. Our teachers no longer need to have the key to the door. Within seconds the room is secure. So grateful to have this option. The owners of this company truly care about protecting lives. -Susan Rodriguez
Susan Rodriguez

I am a high school teacher in California and have four doors that have access to my classroom. I’ve had nightmares about how to secure my classroom God forbid a crisis might happen. I had Anchorman installed on all four doors and now I can sleep well knowing that I have a plan that is backed up by the police department and I know that my students are truly all safe. I wish every school had this system including my own children’s classrooms at their schools.
Jennette Hert

Best item on the market. I love how First Responders can open the door from the outside. Only door lock I’ve seen that has that ability. First quality product with excellent customer service.
Dawna Wolak

Having worked in Security for arguably too many years this is one of those simple, easy to use products produced by an Expert Team of Security specialists that will keep us all more safe!
timothy sullivan

This is the best product on the market. I have been to many safety conferences and have seen many other products being sold. This by far the best product out there.
celeste coates

As a former school administrator I would highly recommend this product. Simple to use and could save many, many lives.
Robert Casper

This is what we ALL need! I think it should be in every school. Let’s spend our tax dollars to PROTECT our children and teachers. ????
April Ulrich

I have enjoyed every moment I have spent protecting children with my partner – and true American hero- Jeff Coates.
Thomas Giandomenico

Best made device around! Easy to use and feel 100% safe!
Krista Salazar

Great experienced minds with innovative ideas making our society safer. Thank you Anchorman
Gil Martinez

This will allow you to keep your family safe . The most important thing to do!!
Ernest & Suzanne Ziegler

Nothing more important than safety, reliability, and a product that is tried and tested.
Kirstiema Cowan

Amazing product! Live saving!

Incredible design, A+ company!!!

Nothing compares to Anchorman. NOTHING.
Fiona Halminski

Family business, with great commitment and affection for what they do. High quality product that provides total security for what is proposed. It is worth it. I recommend everyone.
Alessandro Vivo

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