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The ANCHOR is a patented door barricading device designed by veteran SWAT Officers

ANCHOR: A Door Security Device to Withstand Any Active Crisis at Either Schools, Churches, or Your Place of Business

Protecting Lives in Active Crisis Situations

You never know when you will be involved in an Active Crisis. It is imperative that we do everything in our power to ensure the safety of our loved ones in schools, churches, and businesses has become paramount. The increasing frequency of active shooter situations demands immediate and effective security solutions.

That’s why we proudly introduce ANCHOR – an innovative door security device, also known as an Active Crisis Device, meticulously designed by veteran S.W.A.T. Officers to protect your loved ones and keep you safe in any active shooter situation.

A one-time purchase of only $130 can make the biggest difference when it comes to being involved in an active crisis.

It’s Heart-Wrenching That Active Shooter Situations Happen as Often as They Do, Stay Protected

Active shooter situations can strike anywhere, from schools to churches and businesses, leaving devastation in their wake. Our children, congregations, and employees deserve a secure environment where they can feel protected and undisturbed. ANCHOR offers a critical solution to safeguard lives during active crises and ensure that everyone can find refuge in their most vulnerable moments.

A Door Security Device Keeping You Protected

ANCHOR is built on a simple yet life-saving concept, designed to provide immediate protection when it matters most:

  • Quickly and Easily Activated: In high-stress situations, every second counts. ANCHOR can be activated quickly and effortlessly, requiring only simple gross motor skills. This user-friendly device ensures that anyone can deploy it effectively during emergencies.
  • Impenetrable and Destruction-Proof: Your safety is our top priority. ANCHOR’s robust and destruction-proof design guarantees that once deployed, the door becomes impenetrable, keeping you and your loved ones safe and undetected.
  • Safe and Effortless Exit: When the threat subsides, ANCHOR allows for a safe and effortless exit through the door as normal. There’s no need to struggle with complex mechanisms – simply release ANCHOR and regain control with ease.

ANCHOR – Ruggedly Constructed

  • The plate is one solid piece of military-grade aluminum block, machined to accept the Anchor.
  • It is surface-mounted to the door using four 3/16 in. x 1/2 in. stainless steel or titanium screws.
  • The screws and their holes do not compromise the integrity of the fire door.
  • The plate is 1/2 in. thick and weighs 14.9 oz.
  • The aluminum plate has a melting point of 933.57 K and is fire-resistant up to over 4,100 K, exceeding the fire resistance of the door it’s installed in.
  • The plate is attached to the bottom of the door, where fire temperatures are typically cooler.

Why Choose ANCHOR as Your Door Security Device

The safety of your business is invaluable, and ANCHOR offers an affordable solution with unparalleled benefits:

  1. A Multi-Purpose Solution: ANCHOR is a versatile device suitable for schools, churches, and businesses. Protecting lives in all these environments is our mission.
  2. Expertly Designed: ANCHOR is the brainchild of veteran S.W.A.T. Officers with real-world experience. Its effectiveness has been tested and proven, giving you the confidence that it works when you need it most.
  3. Peace of Mind for All: With ANCHOR as your Active Crisis Device, you gain peace of mind knowing that you are equipped to respond effectively to any emergency.
  4. Easy Implementation: ANCHOR’s simple design ensures easy installation and use, making it accessible to everyone. In active crisis situations, ANCHOR empowers you to take control of your safety.
  5. Protecting What Matters Most: By purchasing ANCHOR now, you invest in the safety and well-being of your loved ones. Safeguarding lives is an investment in a secure and promising future.

Equip yourself with ANCHOR – your ultimate Door Security Device – and stand strong in the face of adversity.

Whether it’s schools, churches, or businesses, ANCHOR is your trusted partner in protecting lives during active crises. Choose ANCHOR and fortify your surroundings for a safer tomorrow.


This is the best product on the market. I have been to many safety conferences and have seen many other products being sold. This by far the best product out there.

Celeste Coates

Being in high school school safety is a huge aspect of this day an age. My school unfortunately does not have one of the Anchorman’s protecting me instead they use a different brand that is no where near the standards of Anchorman. I strongly recommend to buy this product!

Christian Moussa

The emergency door barricade is one of the best things you can do for your business or school. As a Director of a large preschool in Southern California we looked for a simple way to barricade our classroom doors in case of an emergency. Our teachers no longer need to have the key to the door. Within seconds the room is secure. So grateful to have this option. The owners of this company truly care about protecting lives. -Susan Rodriguez

Susan Rodriguez

Having worked in Security for arguably too many years this is one of those simple, easy to use products produced by an Expert Team of Security specialists that will keep us all more safe!

Timothy Sullivan

Anchorman is an amazing company with the best product on the market. The design and production of the barricade door lock system by Anchorman is easy to use, easy to install, durable, and by far the best on the market. After lots of research into similar devices to protect our children, we decided to use the Anchorman system. The customer service from Jeff and the team at Anchorman has been top-notch. I highly recommend Anchorman’s product and its company.

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