Secure the Sanctuary: The ANCHOR Door Barricade for Church Safety

In an age where safety and security are paramount, churches remain a haven of hope, love, and worship. But as sacred as these spaces are, they aren’t exempt from potential threats, making it essential for churches to proactively equip themselves against unforeseen dangers, particularly active shooter scenarios.

Introducing the ANCHOR, a cutting-edge product specifically designed to address this need.

What is the ANCHOR?

Crafted with precision by former SWAT tactical officers, the ANCHOR is a reinforced door barricade created to offer an unmatched level of safety during high-risk situations. With its robust design and tactical advantage, this barricade stands as an essential tool in keeping rooms and buildings fortified against potential threats.

Why Every Church Needs the ANCHOR

Historically, churches have been spaces that welcome all, often with open doors. But the modern world’s threats make it critical for church leaders to strike a balance between openness and safety. Here’s why the ANCHOR is indispensable:

  1. Swift Response: When seconds matter, the ANCHOR can be swiftly deployed, creating an immediate barrier against threats.
  2. Tactical Design: As a product conceived and designed by SWAT experts, its tactical features are rooted in real-world experience and knowledge.
  3. Durable: Its reinforced nature ensures that it stands up against substantial force, providing those inside a room the critical moments they might need.

Protect the Congregation

The sanctity of life is paramount. Children’s Sunday school rooms, administrative offices, and sanctuaries can all benefit from the addition of the ANCHOR. By having this barricade in place, church staff and members can have the peace of mind that they have an added layer of protection should the unthinkable happen.

The ANCHOR is built to last:

  • The plate is made from a solid piece of military-grade aluminum block.
  • Specifically machined to accept the Anchor.
  • Surface mounted to the door using four 3/16 in. x 1/2 in. screws.
  • Screws can be stainless steel or titanium.
  • The screws and their holes preserve the fire door’s integrity.
  • Plate thickness: 1⁄2 in.
  • Plate weight: 14.9 oz.
  • Melting point of the aluminum plate: 933.57 K.
  • Aluminum burns at over 4,100 K.
  • This temperature surpasses the fire resistance of the fire door it’s installed in.
  • The plate is positioned at the door’s bottom, where fire temperatures are usually cooler.

The ANCHOR in Action: School Shooting Scenarios

Churches with attached schools or weekday programs especially need to consider the safety of their youngest members. In an active shooter scenario in a church school, the ANCHOR can provide teachers and students precious time. When every second can make a difference between life and death, having a barricade that can be swiftly and securely set in place can change the narrative.

A Door-Barricade Device Meant to Protect – The ANCHOR

BUY NOW to ensure that your church remains a sanctuary in every sense of the word. Equip it with the ANCHOR, a door barricade that goes beyond just safety; it provides peace of mind, security, and a commitment to preserving life.

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